Grayson Allen trips someone one game after coming back from a suspension for tripping people

This isn’t even going to be about Grayson Allen. This is just who he is. Like how Draymond Green can’t help but kick people in the balls. It’s not a good or bad thing, it’s just in their DNA. So no point in getting mad about it anymore, because it obviously isn’t going to stop.

I really just wanted to post this so I could go on a rant against Coach K. Coach K is the fakest, most sanctimonious and holier-than-thou dickhead in recorded history. We’re bludgeoned by stories about how a great father figure and molder of men he is every ten seconds, but everything he does is so self-serving. He shamed his players that wanted to leave early for the NBA because it made his team worse, until he figured out that getting all the awesome one-and-done guys gave him the best chance to win. Now he’s fine with it. He has the gall to lecture another team’s player on “class,” the most Coach K move in the history of Coach K moves, but is fine with his long history of dirty players (Laettner, Paulus, Dahntay Jones, now Allen). (By the way, I love the fact that K denied lecturing Oregon’s Dillon Brooks, only for the audio evidence to come out saying that he had. So, he’s a liar and a cocksucker.) And, to bring it back to the first point, he hated when his kids “quit” on the program, but it’s totally fine when he does it. How many times has he been “injured” and taken a leave of absence, only for the team to struggle. Guess who’s hallowed win-loss record is unaffected by the losses? And you know he had to make one last appearance at Cameron Indoor before this latest “surgery.” Got to soak up one last ovation and get his balls washed a bit by the media. Because it’s all about class and humility. Coach K can go straight to hell.

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