Chinese Parents Locked their Son in a Cage for 30 Years because they thought he was Possessed


source– A mentally ill man was locked in a cage for more than three decades by his parents who thought he was possessed by a ghost.

His parents didn’t understand his mental health condition and even tried an exorcism to ‘release the evil spirit from him’.

But when he returned after the procedure they found he was acting strangely and “reluctantly” decided to lock him away. He was last let out for exercise several years ago.

The 39-year-old was recently filmed by concerned neighbours with his hand grasping through the bars of his cage.

Concerned neighbours sent the footage to medical professionals, who then arranged for him to be freed.

Incredibly, his mum, Li Lianying, admitted that it was she and her husband who “reluctantly” put him inside the cage more than 30 years ago.

Since the 1980s, their son, who has not been identified, lived alone in a dark and damp cage in Hepu County’s Gongguan Township, in south China.

Mrs Lianying explained it all started when the boy was just six years old.

He went missing and was found by local villagers, who performed an exorcism on him.

He was returned to his parents, but they said from that day he had acted strangely, leading them to believe he had been possessed by a ghost.

His mother said: “He would run around aimlessly on the street and only learnt how to say ‘mum’ at the age of 12.”

Without consulting medical experts, she and her husband decided to lock the young boy away, providing him with food and water through the metal bars.

The man has been taken to hospital for treatment and was found to be extremely malnourished.

He has very limited vocabulary made up of incoherent screams and is unable to communicate.

It is not clear if his parents will be charged with abuse.

Now I know this isn’t the most reliable source, but any story that takes place in a Chinese township is probably true. I see stories like this from time to time. Just a random collection of words thrown together to make a crazy headline. They almost always take place in China, India, or Florida. They’re so over the top already there’s almost nothing I can add. But this one has an element that I couldn’t let slide. “It is not clear if his parents will be charged with abuse.” Huh? Let me say this: if his parents get charged with abuse I’ll lose all faith in the Chinese Justice System.

I can’t blame his parents for panicking. I’m on record as saying I could deal with corporeal spirits, but possession is an entirely different animal. Those are the scary ghosts. They’re meaner, more violent, and usually have some evil machinations in the works. They’ll get their hosts body contorting in a bunch of weird angles and spouting some demonic hell-speak. Even the most hardened paranormal veteran prefers not to deal with possessions. Plus, if the ghost can take control of their kid, what’s going to stop it from jumping into one of the parents’ bodies? Pretty unselfish to lock the kid up, if you think about it. A six year old can’t take care of himself. Who’s going to look after him if his parents are possessed by ghosts? More importantly, a ghost can do a lot more damage in an adult body than a child’s. If my blanket thoughts are true, most Chinese townships are just glorified villages. A possessed man could take it over in one night. He could conquer the entire interior of China in like, six months. These parents saved the Chinese government from a long and expensive civil war. They should be showered in praise, not thrown in the same cage they subjected their young son to.

Many people will take the son’s side here since he was virtually defenseless, but the fact of the matter is that if you don’t want to be locked in a cage, don’t get possessed by a ghost. Pretty cut and dry. Especially in China. If you have a lazy eye in China your head is on the chopping block. What do you think they’ll do to someone possessed by a ghost? Use your head, man. Don’t open yourself like flower on a sunny day the first time a ghost tries to infiltrate your mind then cry about it when you lose 30 years of your life. Kids these days have no sense of responsibility or consequence. In the old days, kids were tough and provided for their families. They didn’t add another burden by going and getting themselves possessed by ghosts. This soft millennial generation, smh. All they want to do is run around with their cell phones and upload to Instaface and do drugs and shoot 3s. It’s all me, me, me. They want everything handed to them. Sorry his parents wanted to teach him some discipline by leaving him in the same room as a ghost. Sorry they expected their child to have some willpower. Didn’t know being a good parent was against the law.

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