I don’t want to do this again

Please, God. Not again

So last week the Giants clinched a playoff spot. My beloved Patriots have been in the playoffs essentially since week four and can sleepwalk through the AFC to the Super Bowl. The two teams are on an unavoidable collision course to meet in the Super Bowl for a third time.

I don’t think I can sit through another one of these. The Pats losing the undefeated season was legitimately the worst night of my life. The second loss was one of the most humiliating things I’ve ever been through since I went to college with a bunch of Giants fans. I can’t do another high pressure game that goes down to the last play after Eli somehow pulls something out of his ass that takes at least five years off my life.

It’s looking like the Giants first round opponent will be the winner of the NFC North. Both times they crushed my soul they beat the Packers in Lambeau en route to the Super Bowl. They just beat the Lions the other week, and Detroit is looking worse with each passing week. I guess I’ll root for the Packers, simply because they’re the far superior team. But things like who’s actually good get thrown out the window when the Giants are in the playoffs. The only saving grace is that the Giants had a pretty good regular season. 11 wins? Not really gonna sneak up on anyone. Somehow they will though since the Packers will be sold as the more dangerous team. It’s like standing in front of a train and not being able to get out of the way. The second the Giants are “disrespected” in January they win the Super Bowl. Pretty sure the anti-Patriots media does it on purpose now.

So, it’s come to this. If the Giants win their first round matchup I’m going to root for the Pats to lose their first playoff game. Now, I realize what I’m asking. Expecting Matt Moore, Matt McGloin, Tom Savage, Alex Smith, or Ben Roethlisberger (who’s never beaten the Pats in a big game) to come into Gilette and pull out a win is like expecting anyone but my mother to read this website. It’s just not probable whatsoever. But still, they’ve lost to crappy teams before. It could theoretically happen. I just can’t go through it again. Plus, once the Pats are eliminated the Giants magic goes away. They’ll instantly lose. It’ll be a win-win. Pats don’t lose another Super Bowl to the Giants and the Giants don’t win another one to give them 5 to the Pats 4. What’s not to love?

I hate that Eli has done this to me.

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