NBA says Giannis Antetokounmpo committed a five second violation on his buzzer beater

I just had to go on a mini rant here. The NBA came out today and said there should have been a five second violation called on this play. Yeah, no shit. He was backing down for like 10 seconds. But the point of this is the NBA pulls this move all the time. The day after a questionable call they say that it should have gone the other way. Well, if it should have gone the other way why wasn’t it called? The last two minutes report is always saying more things should have been called, so why do refs always swallow the whistle? Adam Silver has come out and said he wouldn’t mind eliminating the hack-a-player to improve the viewing experience. Well, if you want that, don’t then tell me about all these fouls that weren’t called in the last few minutes. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t have the exciting finish that’s decided by the players then release a report saying the refs were wrong about everything. Make up your mind. My thoughts have always been a foul is a foul no matter when it happens. A travel is a travel no matter when it happens. A five second violation is a five second violation no matter when it happens. So either train these refs, who do a good job for the most part, to actually call the game in the last two minutes or stop with this last two minute report charade. Have some respect for the intelligence of your fans. Rant over.

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