This Chargers move feels like the biggest rush job of all time

So last night the Chargers announced that they’re moving to Los Angeles. Dean Spanos, the Chargers chairman, has been threatening to move for fifteen years like a jumper on the windowsill. No one thought he’d do it. No matter how many times the good people of San Diego voted against public funding for a new stadium, no matter how many new stadiums around the league made Qualcomm look like trash, no one thought he’d do it. Well, they finally did it, and they seem totally unprepared. First, they unveiled this new logo:

No offense to whoever spent 10 minutes in photoshop whipping this up, but that logo stinks. It’s so generic. The old Chargers logo is so great and distinctive. Why change it? At the very least, why change it to that? Then news comes out today that they’re going to play in the 30,000 seat StubHub Center until the Rams’ new stadium is finished. They couldn’t even get the Colosseum or Rose Bowl. They get a little rinky dink stadium that they probably aren’t going to sell out because no one in Los Angeles cares about the Chargers. The Raiders are still more popular, and it’s been 20 years since they played there. It’s like the Chargers were just as surprised by the move as everyone else and they’ve been scrambling to put everything together. Supposedly they haven’t even talked to the Rams about sharing a stadium yet! It’s just a puzzling situation all around. I mean, it doesn’t effect me either way, but it just seems like a strange way to do the move. As long as they don’t ditch the powder blues.

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