Brent Musburger announces retirement


ESPN– Brent Musburger, one of the most recognizable and accomplished voices in the history of television, has decided to end his legendary play-by-play career at month’s end. Musburger, who has worked in the industry for nearly 50 years as host and play-by-play commentator – including the last 27 with ABC/ESPN – will call two more men’s college basketball games, punctuated by his final telecast, Tuesday, Jan. 31 at 9 p.m. ET on ESPN (Georgia at Kentucky from Rupp Arena).

“But the next rodeo for me is in Las Vegas. Stop by and we’ll share a cold one and some good stories. I may even buy!” (Gee, ya think?)

You are looking live at some of the worst news to ever hit us here in the Brian’s Den. We’ve lost another legend. First Verne Lundquist retires, now Brent. The end of an era. Nothing could beat Brent’s dulcet tones calling the biggest college football and basketball games. He was my fall Saturdays and winter weeknights growing up. A true icon. A pillar of the announcing community. A gold standard by which all play-by-play/thinly veiled gambling allusions should be judged. But now that he’s old and recently had his millionth controversy in his thoughts on Joe Mixon, ESPN nudged this titan of the industry to retire. Sad!

Power Ranking: Top Five Current Play-by-play men

  1. Joe Buck- Come at me, haters!
  2. Al Michaels- The last legend we have left. We need to make sure Al stays around forever
  3. Don Orsillo- I will never forgive the Red Sox for what they did to him
  4. Sean McDonough- Another former Red Sox guy. Wish we still had him around
  5. Mike Tirico- Still can’t believe he says he’s not black

So tonight, pour one out for Brent. Remember the good times. Celebrate his career. Do not weep, for he would not want tears to be shed for him. Unless he bet on it. Good night, sweet prince.

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