Migos beat up Sean Kingston?



TMZ– Sean Kingston was cuffed by Vegas cops shortly after he was allegedly beaten up bad by Migos.

As we reported, Sean got into verbal altercation with Migos at the Sands Expo and Convention Center Tuesday afternoon and the group allegedly pummeled him to the ground. We’re told someone in Sean’s camp fired a shot in the air but no one was hit.

Sean bolted from the scene, as did Migos. The video (above) shows cops questioning Sean and a passenger after cops stopped his car. We’re told he was questioned but not arrested.

(I know I’m a day late to this story, but it’s so important I had to weigh in.)

Listen, Migos, I you’re hot right now. Number one song. Number one album. Throwing money with Ellen. But you guys better check yo’selves before you wreck yo’selves and keep your hands off Sean Kingston.

Stories like this make me sympathize a little with the Millennial-hating older folks who claim young people have no respect anymore. Sean Kingston is a legend of the game. He was massive as recently as 2010. And he’s already getting disrespected by this brash new generation. SMH. Do Migos not know how important Sean Kingston was in the late 2000s? Look at all the hits: Beautiful Girls, Take You There, Love Like This, Ennie Meenie, FIRE BURNING? Fire Burning alone is enough to get lifelong Prince treatment. And some young guns have the nerve to beat him up? And then he gets stopped by the cops? What planet am I on? I remember when multiple hit singles got you some social cachet, but I guess those days are long gone. I really thought all the predictions that our society would fall apart now that Trump is president were just overreaction, but now I’m not so sure. Sean Kingston should be under the same protection as rhinos are. Not beaten to a pulp and left for dead. What is he, a 15 year NFL vet we just throw to the wolves after he retires? It’s time we start looking out for legends. #PrayForSean #FreeKingston #whatagwan

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