Barcelona overcomes biggest deficit ever to advance in Champions League

2017 must be the year for comebacks. First the Pats, now Barcelona. They were dead in the water after the first leg. Down 4-0. No spark whatsoever. I had a giant egg on my face for my proclamation that PSG was trash and had no shot. I was even taking heat in the comments section:

Surely PSG would just see it out until the end, no? Wait, what happened?

Huh?!?!? They won? Yet another prediction came up the Brian’s Den way? Well, color me surprised.

Listen, it doesn’t matter the sport, some teams are just losers. It’s in their DNA. They may be flashy, put up big stats, dominate the lesser competition, but when it comes time to play the big boys, they always, always falter. The NBA has the Suns and Clippers. The NFL has the Falcons and Bills. The MLB has the Cubs Indians and Rays. And soccer has PSG/Arsenal (who predictably got massacred). It’s not the players’ faults, necessarily. With all these types of teams, the specific roster doesn’t really matter. Michael Jordan could have suited up for the Suns in 1996 and not they still wouldn’t have won anything. PSG is just a loser team. Having Cavani doesn’t really help things, but this was just destined to happen. Barcelona has the greatest front line ever put together. They weren’t going to lose to PSG in the round of 16. It was like a mirror image of the Super Bowl. The Falcons were never going to beat the Pats. Cavani’s goal was like Julio Jones’ catch. A sigh of relief against the relentless tide, but then they still blow it anyway. It’s unbelievable but at the same time very believable. Barcelona is winning the Champions League now, no doubt about it. They were always going to win it, but this comeback only seals it. Put your life savings on them.

A more important development is that I’m officially the football Nostradamus. Doesn’t matter what country the game is being played in, I’ve already foreseen the ending. It’s not my fault I don’t see crazy comebacks coming. I just know the end result. I think any sane person would now double down on all my predictions for the other Champions League fixtures and the future games. At least, anyone who enjoys being right.

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