Ask and ye shall receive. What a run I’ve been on lately. Red Sox get Chris Sale. Pats win the craziest Super Bowl ever then get Brandin Cooks. John Wick 2 and Fast 8. Taco Bell makes the Naked Chicken Chips.  And now the Celtics win the lottery. What a time to be me or any like minded individual. Can’t believe they finally, finally, didn’t get screwed in the lottery. This pretty much eliminates all of my fears. With the number one pick they won’t want to just punt and trade it for nothing. Patience is easier to preach when you’ve got someone with the kind of pedigree Markelle Fultz (hopefully) has. Hell, maybe they can swindle the Lakers into giving up something good to swap picks with them by leaking they want Lonzo (but under no circumstances take him. Like there is literally no scenario where I want Lonzo on the Celtics). I am just so high on adrenaline right now. I felt like I was watching the Super Bowl again. I died for a second with each pick they announced in the top four. I was pacing back and fourth in my living room for the entire half hour show. I still think I should have been the Celtics’ representative, but I guess I can’t be mad now. And they get to do this all again next year? How did I ever get so lucky?


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