It’s Back…

Legends have long spoken of an ancient ritual practiced deep in the catacombs of the world’s most powerful cities. An arcane and dangerous rite than cannot be comprehended by the uninitiated and can alter the very fabric of reality as we know it. It has long been forbidden by civilized societies for obvious reasons. But, recently, rumors have begun spreading of a new sect ready to revive the hedonistic act and once again terrorize the world. And, if these rumors are to be believed, sometime early next week they will emerge into the light and present the fruits of their pagan labors. They will present…..the Burning Questions Mailbag.


It’s back. After over a year, it’s finally back. Why did it take so long to get part three of the Burning Questions Mailbag saga? I kind of forgot about it, if we’re being honest. But I just thought of my own Burning Question, and boy, is it a doozy. I knew then that I had failed the people. How many Burning Questions had gone unanswered and forgotten because of my laziness? I had to open up the mailbag once again. What is a Burning Question, you may ask? Well, if you’re new to the site, a Burning Question is exactly what it sounds like. A question that needs answering, ASAP. Doesn’t matter the topic, doesn’t matter how deep or complex. If it’s boring a hole in your brain, it’s a Burning Question. Yes, many Burning Questions could be misconstrued as “high thoughts” by those who lack vision, but, I assure you, at no point in the Burning Question process am I under the influence of any foreign substance. I just have a naturally inquisitive mind (my readers, on the other hand…). So, how do you submit a Burning Question? It’s easy. Just leave a comment, or send me an email (, or shoot me a DM (@TheBrianCurran for Twitter or @briansden69 for Instagram), or, let’s be honest, just text me since the only people who actually care about this segment already have my number, anyway. Get those brains working.

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