2019 Oscars Predictions

Being that the Oscars are, you know, tonight I’m sure many of you have been waiting eagerly for my annual Oscars prediction post. Well I’m on vacation so umm, yeah. No full breakdown this year. I could have done it before leaving, sure, but that would have taken more planning than I was prepared to do. Oh well.

I don’t have too many strong opinions since the nominees STINK this year, but I’m going to start a riot if Into the Spider-Verse doesn’t win best animated picture. I’ve already accepted that A Star is Born is going to get screwed over because Brian May has dirt on every academy voter and for some reason Lady Gaga’s performance got worse over time in the eyes of the public. The no host format is going to be a disaster but I feel like people will say it’s good. The “Shallow” performance will be the only thing worth watching.

First Oscars in years I won’t be able to watch live. The end of an era. But that just means it’s time for a new streak to start.

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