Prince Fielder is getting his own “cooking” show called Fielder’s Choice


source– I have a food show that’s going to be streaming on Netflix and Hulu. It’s coming out around the beginning of spring training in March, I believe. It’s not just baseball people. It’s a mixture of baseball people, actors, musicians, chefs and whatnot. They bring out different dishes, and at the end of the show, I give the one I like the most the “Fielder’s choice.” It’s good TV.

Prince had to retire because of a million neck surgeries, but he also had to retire because he kind of sucks now. His decline inexorably began when he went vegan and lost weight, robbing himself of his fat guy power stroke. I guess retirement brought him clarity, because this is an ingenious move. Besides the fact that hosting a show where people just make you food is the ultimate dream job, this is the perfect way to get exposure. Ditch the vegan act and take the show on the road. Stop in the Carolinas, Texas, Nashville, and Kansas City and house a ton of barbecue. Make sure you record the show in a batting cage, and each dish you don’t like you just toss it up to yourself and hit it with a bat to show you still have the swing. Maybe field the side dishes while standing on first base. Next thing you know, Prince is fat again and is getting some MLB tryouts. I guarantee by 2019 Prince is on the Rockies or something and puts up 35 homers again. Brilliant play by Prince. Wish I thought of it so I could get a cut of his next contract.

Also goes without saying that Fielder’s Choice is one of the biggest lay-up tv show names of all time.

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