Pizza Hut is Introducing “Pie Top” sneakers for March Madness


New York Daily News– “Pie Tops” — a limited edition sneaker for March Madness — allows you to place orders by pressing a button on the tongue that connects to an app, according to Ad Week.

The white and red sneakers have a geolocation built into them that allows the pizza to be delivered to wherever you are.

(Before we start I have to give a quick shout out to the NY Daily News for using what is a clear picture of a Domino’s pizza in an article about Pizza Hut. It’s the little things that make old newspapers so much better than websites such as this.)

They went all in on being the wacky brand a long time ago, but it’s good to see Pizza Hut further their brand as the leader in pizza innovation. This is a genius marketing scheme, especially since they’re only making 64 pairs. Nothing gets people’s blood flowing like a limited sneaker release, and 20 years from now, the resale market for these things will be insane. Granted, Pizza Hut technically see any of the profits for the secondary market, but the publicity is worth it.

It goes without saying that Pizza Hut should make sure that I get a pair. Having gone on record as saying that I sometimes want their pizza, I’m pretty much their greatest champion. In fact, I kind of wanted some Pizza Hut last night, but I didn’t get it. I’m not saying it definitely would have been different if I had some Pie Tops, but it might have been. Pizza Hut needs someone with my huge sphere of influence to have access to their product at a moment’s notice. Maybe make it all free, too. With franchising options. I’m just trying to look out for Pizza Hut here. They’re a clear third dog in the Great Pizza Race. Letting 64 randoms get these shoes instead of me isn’t the way to change anything.

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