Steve Kerr yelled at John Wall last night proving the Warriors want everyone to hate them

So this happened last night (easily the most noteworthy thing from that game). Steve Kerr yelling at John Wall a little bit. Now, it way seem like a throwaway sequence, but it’s just another example of the Warriors’ bizarre quest to get everyone to hate them. Drayman Green is still going after Paul Pierce, kicks everyone he sees, and still acts like no one believes in him despite the fact that he’s a two time all star and was 2nd Team All NBA last year. Kevin Durant signed as a free agent (the ultimate sin) and has wasted no time ruffling feathers, most notably slandering Shaq in wake of his very public feud with fellow Warrior Javale McGee. They keep taking goofy team pictures that get shredded online. Zaza is his typical self, cheap shotting everyone he sees then getting held back before anyone can fight back. Kerr bashed the players for their all star votes, and hasn’t been shy making political comments. They just keep going out of their way to make you hate them, and their online army of fans don’t do a whole lot to deter any of that. Makes me long for the old Golden State, when Baron Davis and Stephen Jackson were running pick and rolls with Andris Biedrins as Al Harrington spotted up on the wing in front of a raucous crowd. Or a few years ago when Monta Ellis was averaging 25 a game and once every five games or so a random guy like Anthony Morrow or Kelenna Azubuike would have 40 or CJ Watson would have a triple double. Back in the early days of Steph when the explosions were rarer and only the people in the know got to experience them. They used to be such a fun team, but the last couple years have sucked the fun out of a team that theoretically should be the most fun team of all time.

Now that that’s out of the way, the real reason I wanted to write about this was to talk about Steve Kerr’s past life as the color guy in NBA Live 06, the most over-the-top, least realistic, and most fun basketball game ever made.

Steve Kerr was the angriest announcer of all time. He took bad decisions as a personal offense. I don’t know what was going on in his life when they recorded the audio, but it couldn’t have been good. Maybe his wife was nagging him hard or his daughter just brought home her first boyfriend, but whatever he was dealing with had him in a seriously horrible mood. If you took a 3 with a big man he wondered if you had graduated 1st grade. After a bad turnover he’d just sit in silence out of pure rage. And nothing, and I mean nothing, got him more fired up than fouls. One time I let Kyle Korver pick up a third foul in the first quarter and he practically threatened to kill my entire family. He was ready to fist fight Marv Albert in the player’s place if you let a star player get into foul trouble. And he’d keep bringing it up, too. That same game I was down like 5 points at the end of the third quarter and he said I’de be winning if the idiot coach hadn’t let Korver get a million fouls. The only way to make him happy was scoring with either Amar’e or Manu Ginobili. He was even pissed off during the All Star Weekend modes. It was crazy. If my hard life growing up in the wintery streets of Rutland, Vermont hadn’t already jaded me, 13 year old me might have been traumatized by being screamed at over and over by virtual Steve Kerr. Can’t help but think last year’s finals might have been karma coming back around.

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