Brazilian Soccer Team Sport Clube Gaucho Involved in Nasty Masturbation Scandal


source– A Brazilian football club has been forced to sack four of its players after they were involved in a masturbation scandal.

Sport Clube Gaucho rescinded the contracts after a video emerged of three players mutually masturbating in the club’s change rooms, while a fourth filmed the act.

Unfortunately for the players, the video went viral and club president, Gilmar Rosso, sacked them on the spot.

“When I hit play, I deleted it, I think it’s disgusting,” Rosso told GloboEsporte.

“Outside business hours, we have nothing to do with the situation. If they want to get drunk, (be) gay or not, that’s their problem.

“What I have to answer as president is during a trip, office hours. That’s my responsibility.

“The club is not a keeper of morals and good manners. The only thing we have to answer to is the making of the video inside the club dressing room.”

Well, this isn’t good. Not good at all. Here I was thinking the Brazilian soccer league was a safe haven where people could be themselves, but I guess not. Put yourself in the players’ shoes for a second. One minute you’re hanging out with the boys in the locker room, choppin’ it up, shootin’ the shit, yankin’ your chain while someone films it, then the next minute you’re out on the street after the owner watches two seconds of the video? Talk about a kangaroo court. I can tell this team has never won anything if the owner so willingly discounts team chemistry like this. Or he just doesn’t have any friends. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been chilling with the guys and it somehow ended in a videotaped group jerk session. It’s just the kind of things that happen when the bros get together.

Honestly the biggest mistake these guys made was thinking they could get away with this in a third world country. I don’t really know how Brazil usually handles this stuff, but if they’re like literally every single non European/North American country in the world, they probably weren’t super stoked to see three dudes jacking off together on camera. Did they not consider the public’s reaction before filming? Or were they betrayed by the camera man? Either way I don’t really blame the owner for cutting bait. I don’t really want to pay someone who’s dumb enough to jerk off on camera with a couple other guys in a country that barely has running water. It’s a bummer that they can’t follow their natural guy instincts, but thems the breaks. Blessed with pro soccer ability, cursed to have it in a country that discourages circle jerks.

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