I’m back Home

After a very long weekend, I have finally returned from my trip to Denver. I know many people been eagerly awaiting me to return to steadily churning out must-read material, and to them I say fear not. I’m back to guide you through this dark hell we call life.

Obviously the first thing on everyone’s mind is my experience at the airport. Did I discover the Illuminati’s dastardly plot? Did I blow the cover off the New World Order’s machinations? Did I find the underground concentration camps? What did I eat there? Well, you didn’t really think I’d bury the lede like that, did you? If you want the full story, you’ll just have to wait. They call that a tease in the industry.

I did spend some time outside the airport, though. I didn’t know this until I got there, but apparently marijuana is legal there. You’d never know because absolutely no one talks about it or advertises it, but it is! (I know what you’re thinking, and no, I did not over indulge myself by smoking the weed all day. I was on a journalistic mission and needed to maintain a clear head) Apparently the people there have been smoking too much pot and destroyed whatever ozone they had left, because the sun was beating down non-stop. It’s like clouds no longer existed. I mean, look at this tan I picked up:

NBA Draft is in a few days, and yes, I am eligible. Don’t be surprised to see my name called at the end of the first round. But yeah, it was hot. And the air was so darn thin. I was out of breath after walking two feet. I had to keep chugging water just to stay upright. Brutal! Who decided to live so high up, anyway? Talk about impractical. Why make a city a mile up? How’d the first people even get all their stuff up there? After gasping for air for a week or so, why’d they stay. If this all sounds like I’m complaining about a beautiful city I willingly travelled to, that’s because I am. They couldn’t put it anywhere else?

Obviously, food is an important part of any trip I go on, and Denver had plenty of good stuff. Literally everything there is smothered in green chile sauce. There’s green chile pizza, green chile burgers, green chile beer. We got sushi one night and even that came with green chile sauce. My favorite place came recommended by the Gatekeeper of Flavortown, Guy Fieri. Sam’s No. 3, an eclectic diner in LoDo (Lower Downtown for all you non-Denver natives) with some bomb green chile sauce. They pour it over some dynamite burritos, and the resulting meal is seriously out of bounds. I don’t know if Denver wants to be Seattle or if Seattle wants to be Denver more, but there was predictably some good craft breweries and food trucks everywhere you look. Some of the  trucks had some pretty crazy stuff. I mean, who puts chicken and waffles on a pizza? Talk about wacky! Only in Denver, am I right? And who can leave the Rocky Mountains without trying rocky mountain oysters? Not me, that’s for sure.

Speaking of Coors Field, the day we went doubled as Meet the Players day. All the fans formed a ring around the field, and the Rockies players and coaches walked along the interior, greeting fans and stopping for pictures. It was a wonderful experience, taking tickets and time away from actual Rockies fans who would have enjoyed this more than an outsider like me. Nonetheless, I got up close and personal with some of Colorado’s best players.



My friend Charlie Blackmon


50-year-old Vinny Castilla


Some guy

 It was the thrill of a lifetime, visiting my favorite baseball stadium named after beer. And what a great game we saw, too. It was a pitcher’s duel, not the typical Coors Field 10-9 slugfest. Needless to say, a low scoring game is exactly what I wanted to see!

Before I knew it, it was time to go home. Yeah, I did some other stuff, but you’ll see it one day. It’s good to be back. Will I ever return? Most likely. But, the Brian’s Den Bank is pretty drained at the moment. I’m always open to donations, though. I’ll gladly travel anywhere and give rave reviews about it if I’m paid by someone. Anyway, it was a good trip, and I’ll be presenting my airport findings ASAP.

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