NFL Week 5 Picks

Tom Brady

I know what you’re all thinking. “Where were the picks yesterday? Even though they’ve only been going on for two weeks, they’ve become a vital part of my Friday afternoon, and I feel lost without them.” It’s true, I failed to post this yesterday. I would apologize, but I think once you see what I was doing yesterday, you’ll be thanking me. Still, I couldn’t just not put my rock-solid picks out there. However, since it’s Saturday morning and I don’t really feel like it, and because these games are all terrible, I’m skipping the write-ups and just giving the picks. Some of you may find this preferable, but please keep those opinions to yourself.

  • Bills +3 at Bengals
  • Chargers +3.5 at Giants
  • Titans if Mariota plays at Dolphins, no one if he doesn’t
  • 49ers +1.5 at Colts
  • Panthers +3 at Lions
  • Cardinals +6.5 at Eagles
  • Jaguars at Steelers -8
  • Jets -1 at Browns
  • Seahawks at Rams -1.5
  • Ravens +3 at Raiders
  • Packers +2 at Cowboys
  • Chiefs (pick) at Texans
  • Vikings at Bears +3

Bonus College Picks

  • Iowa State at Oklahoma Over 62
  • Miami (FL) -3.5 at Florida State
  • West Virginia at TCU Over 68
  • Minnesota +3.5 at Purdue
  • Washington State -3 at Oregon

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