Just Thought of a New Possible Super Team


During last night’s NBA Awards (which I totally didn’t forget about and definitely watched all of it), a little idea planted itself in my head. A tiny seed of brilliance that didn’t take long to sprout. I finally found a way to take down the Warriors, and it’s by forming a new Super Team. Super Teams are all the rage these days, and you pretty much need one if you want to compete. Luckily, there’s a situation that’s just asking for a new Big Three. Where? Oklahoma City.

The first step is to not re-sign Paul George. Fine player, normally someone you’d want, but we’re after bigger fish, here. Good luck in L.A., Paul!

Sorry, man. We wish you luck in your future endeavors.

Step two is targeting the biggest name in free agency: Kevin Durant. People forget that he’s on the market, so if we come in hot with a juicy offer, we may catch Golden State off-guard. Just offer him the PG max and add in some equity or something. Essentially just give him whatever he wants. Keep dumping non-Steven Adams salaries until it works. Once we’ve teamed up KD with Russell Westbrook, we’re an automatic darkhorse.

Who wouldn’t want to play with Westbrook?

The final step will be the hardest to pull off, but we’ll find a way. We call up the last new Super Team on the block, the Houston Rockets. We say, “hey, we notice it didn’t totally work out for you last season. Didn’t for us, either. How about we both shake things up a bit? We’ll give you Carmelo Anthony’s expiring contract, our next 10 first round picks, and whatever end of the bench guys you want to make the contracts match up for James Harden. How about it?” And then they’ll obviously say yes, leaving us with a core of Westbrook, Durant, and Harden. Three of the last five MVPs. Has any team ever had three players who won MVPs on their roster? I doubt it. I know for a fact this team can take the Warriors. Probably sweep the East team, to boot. I don’t know, I think I just solved the NBA. I’ll take my Executive of the Year award, now.

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