NFL Picks Week 17


I totally didn’t forget about making picks this week when I went home for Christmas, I swear. There’s a zero percent chance that this got lost in the shuffle of long transit journeys, food, presents, and more food. Now that that’s established I have to confess that writing this escaped my mind briefly, so now I’m just gonna blow through this as quickly as possible since there’s only like, five games that mean anything, anyway. Pour one out for the 2019 regular season. What a ride.

What’s even going on this week? New Year’s, I guess. I could throw a resolution gimmick together, but my only resolution is to get better at picking games because striving for any other kind of change is just admitting weakness, which I’ll never do. I’m sure plenty of teams have funny New Year’s resolutions, but I’ll let someone with more time and a stronger work ethic break those down. I’m just gonna dump all my picks out, and if I have any thoughts, I’ll add them. Happy RGIII day.

All lines from Bovada.

  • Tampa Bay Bucs (pick) over Atlanta Falcons (30-30-5,000 for Jameis let’s goooooooooo)
  • Minnesota Vikings (+3) over Chicago Bears
  • Cleveland Browns (-3) over Cincinnati Bengals (Browns have to end the year on a big win to get the excitement going for next season, it’s Fraud Hype Generating Team 101)
  • Green Bay Packers (-12.5) over Detroit Lions
  • Kansas City Chiefs (-9) over Los Angeles Chargers
  • New England Patriots (-16) over Miami Dolphins (Pats are 100% back and anyone who says the Ravens and Chiefs aren’t scared is lying to themselves)
  • New Orleans Saints (-13) over Carolina Panthers
  • Buffalo Bills (-1) over New York Jets
  • Arizona Cardinals (+6) over Los Angeles Rams
  • Denver Broncos (-3.5) over Oakland Raiders
  • New York Giants (+4) over Philadelphia Eagles (Trust me, this is how the NFC East works)
  • Baltimore Ravens (+2) over Pittsburgh Steelers (RGIII)
  • Tennessee Titans (-6) over Houston Texans (Assuming both the Pats and Chiefs win, the Texans have no reason to play anyone and the Titans are desperate)
  • Dallas Cowboys (-12) over Washington Redskins (It’s funnier if they lose in the Wild Card Round)
  • Indianapolis Colts (-5) over Jacksonville Jaguars (This is the least relevant game of the 2019 NFL season)
  • San Francisco 49ers (-3.5) over Seattle Seahawks (Too many injuries for Seattle. Don’t see how they’ll move the ball)

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