Tomorrow’s the Day…. the Illuminati better be shaking in their boots


Those of you with long memories will remember I mentioned a trip I was going on in the Spring. That I was going to Colorado to expose the mysteries of the Denver International Airport. Well, that time is nigh. Tomorrow morning, I’ll depart from the Brian’s Den and take the show on the road. Normally, I’d keep this quiet so that I could surprise my opponents and put them on the defensive. Well, I wanted to keep things sporting. The Powers that Be in Denver officially have 24 hours to prepare for my arrival. I’ll be ready for anything They throw at me. Flight delays. Random searches. Lost luggage. Closing every Cinnabon in the airport. I know They’ll try everything possible to get under my skin. Well, it won’t work. I’m a bulldog of a journalist. Once I get a story’s scent, nothing can shake me off of it. No matter how many times They try to knock me down, I’ll just keep getting right back up. I’m going to bring this place to its knees. I hope They’re ready.


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