Monday Thoughts Week 9


Huge week of games in the NFL. Divisions possibly decided, number one seeds on the line, legacies at stake, the whole thing. That means only one thing: time for another rote, meaningless edition of Monday Thoughts™. The best of both worlds.

  • This was arguably the best start of Nathan Peterman’s career. Only 3 picks on 49 attempts.
  • What did the Bears think up for the Bills?
  • Pretty strong showing by the AFC East in the Bears’ Twitter feed this year. Dolphins notwithstanding.
  • Bears have played four straight games against the AFC East. Why isn’t this a huge deal? This is such an absurd scheduling oddity. This never happens. I want to know the last time any team played four straight games against teams from the same division, even if they’re also in the division. It’s crazy that this happened. And no one cares.
  • This is just bad luck
  • But I guess it’s more unlucky being born Nathan Peterman.
  • Fitzmagic is dead for this season, but still a pretty electric game all around.
  • Panthers are addicted to running reverses because that’s the only trick play that existed when Norv Turner started his coaching career
  • Curtis Samuel might just be really good
  • Kind of weak this week, Cam.
  • Gregg Williams proved the h8trs wrong when, after being challenged on his “I’ve had 11 job offers,” quote he picked up shifts at Jo-Ann Fabrics and Five Guys during the week.
  • Kareem Hunt might be physically unstoppable.
  • Let’s keep it rolling, KC
  • Crazy that the Browns might wind up competing for the number one pick. They were off to their best start in years!
  • Assuming the Falcons haven’t already been eliminated from playoff contention, I think my big midseason prediction is that the Falcons will make at least the second round.
  • Redskins are so boring. So, so boring.
  • When Julio Jones scores a touchdown and breaks the greatest streak in sports history:
  • This is some Noel Divine speed:
  • Why hasn’t every human in history been named Ito Smith?
  • Just did the math and Sam Darnold and Brock Osweiler put up a combined QB rating of 47.6. This is very bad. This is the only time I’ll mention Jets-Dolphins.
  • I like that the Vikings add trees to their team GIFs
  • It’s a nice aesthetic.
  • When Adam Thielen doesn’t get 100 yards
  • Danielle Hunter is such a freak
  • This game was boring as hell, too. Maybe this week wasn’t really that huge.
  • I have sources on the ground confirming that no love was lost when the Steelers beat the Ravens.
  • I known I’ve gone on record about this before, but I hate huge beard guys. Get a real personality.
  • Eric Weddle shaved, if you didn’t know
  • Nothing like a good quick-kick-
  • James Conner is actually just one of the best backs in the league, now. Huh.
  • Jesse James’s life passed before his eyes when he almost dropped this-
  • Steelers have won four in a row. They still won’t beat the Pats in the playoffs, but they might not be as done as I proclaimed them to be earlier. Oh, well.
  • I don’t like Nick Vannett on the Seahawks. Every time I hear his name I assume it’s going to be Nick Van Exel and I’m disappointed every time.
  • I’ll be honest, I’m stunned the Seahawks lost their “first home game since the owner died” game. Don’t think it’s ever happened before.
  • People forget the Chargers’ owner died, too, though. Might have counteracted it.
  • Good celly, though
  • Might be the second worst interception of Russell Wilson’s career
  • Mike Williams has like, six catches this year and they’re all TDs
  • Wait, I’ve got a good one: When your pizza rolls are done
  • Texans-Broncos sucked.
  • I’m sick of the “In-com-plete” chant in Denver. It’s so dumb. You know Broncos fans think it’s so effective, too. Probably think that’s the sole reason they ever win any games. I mean, read this thread (I’ll never say that again, I promise). People actually think chanting incomplete gets under Tom Brady’s skin. Tom Brady! The most unflappable person in history gets upset when a bunch of dudes in John Elway jerseys yell incomplete. Suuuuuure. You got it, guys.
  • R.I.P. people of Houston, pt. 12948572345
  • The Rams-Saints game was technically the same sport as Jets-Dolphins.
  • Todd Gurley vs. Alvin Kamara was good

point attempt pats

  • Jack in the Box is just giving away food left and right
  • Crazy footwork
  • Cooper Kupp- Gritty. Sneaky athletic. Coach’s son
  • This two point conversion play will be Josh McDaniels’s lasting legacy in the NFL. Everyone’s running it
  • Michael Thomas is still good and back to getting over ten catches a game
  • Shoutout Joe Horn.
  • Also, this forever ruined the name Mike Thomas for me:
  • Also shoutout Mike Sims-Walker. Thought that guy would be in the Hall of Fame by now.
  • Yet another shoutout to the old white referee pants. Look so weird now that we have the modern black pants.
  • I think the last time the Patriots lost at home to an out of conference opponent as a six-point favorite the Delian League was just being formed.
  • Did you know Jimmy Graham played basketball in college?
  • Red Sox won the World Series
  • Love a good mid-range flea flicker
  • Trick plays that are completed but aren’t touchdowns are some of my favorite plays in football. Just kind of funnier than the ones that score.
  • Julian Edelman played QB in college. People forget that.
  • If Edelman goes backwards when the ball is snapped, maybe a double pass is coming? They’ve only run it a thousand times by now. NFL coaches are so stupid.
  • I’ll tell you what, the three headed running back collective of James White, Sony Michel, and Cordarrelle Patterson is going to cause a lot of problems for hapless AFC opponents.
  • I would die for James White. The list of athletes I would die for is reaching critical mass. The active list, for those curious, is now Tom Brady, James White, Danilo Gallinari, Joe Kelly, David Price, Dirk Nowitzki, Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, and maybe Josh Gordon.
  • Speaking of Gordon-
  • Patriots are going to the Super Bowl again. Sorry, everyone.
  • Can’t wait for Titans-Cowboys!!!!

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